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Custom Tablecloth with Logo


Hi All,

Below are your graphic proofs. These graphics may be a little too big to send via email, so they're put on this site so you can see the detail that might be lost through email or spam filters.  It ain't a pretty site, but it gets the job done.

The other advantage is you can send the link to others in your office and they too can easily check out the graphics without slowing down your email servers.

Talk to ya' later - Mike 

Hey Kathy!  Revisions and new banner stands...




Hi Rahysa.  Whatchya think???


Hey Doug!

Here's another thought...

If we stack your logo on top of your tag line, you'll get better exposure... aka... More "Bang for your Buck!" 



Hey Tim,

Next on deck...

What are your thoughts?

This is for the new 64" x 40" sign.


Hi Judy,



Hey Tim!  Let me know if this is will work.



What do you think Nicole?


What do ya' think Tim?


Hi Marina,  Whatchya' think?   


The above two banners are 3'x5'  X-Banners.  The two banners below are 5'x3' fabric banners.


Hey Tim, WhatDoYaThink?



Please send me an email confirming it's a go!  Talk to ya' later. - Mike  :)


Hey Mary,




Hurray!!!  Got it Maria! 

The light...

  Light goes on top...

Here's your original graphic reduced 50%...

And below is the new and improved version... 


Hey Lynn, Check it out...    

Number 3

and Voila'... Mock up number 2! 


Hi Kelly,

What do  ya' think?

Hi Olivia,

What do you think about this?



10ft Pop Up Down sized


Is this what you had in mind? 

Here's one of  the finished tablecloths.


Here's a photo of two 24" retractables pulled up about twenty eight inches.  They have the rectangular look you were asking about.  We can make them any height though.  -Mike  








This banner is my (Mike's) creation.  Therefore I own the copyrights.  So I can rebuild this banner file to suite your needs.